Senior Frontend Developer

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B2B contract

16 000 - 18 000 PLN

Net per {frequency, select, HOUR{hour} MONTH{month} other{}}

Employment contract

16 000 - 18 000 PLN

gross per {frequency, select, HOUR{hour} MONTH{month} other{}}

Used Technologies and Requirements

Must have
  • JavaScript (EcmaScript6) (3 year EXP)
  • TypeScript (3 year EXP)
  • HTML5 (3 year EXP)
  • TDD/BDD (2 year EXP)
  • Agile (3 year EXP)
  • Maven/Jenkins/Webpack2 (1 year EXP)
  • DevOps (1 year EXP)
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery (2 year EXP)
Nice to have
  • Java (1 year EXP)
  • PixieJS/React/Mocka/Jest (2 year EXP)

Work Conditions

Job type:Full Time Job
Contract Type:Employment / B2B
Work hours:8h per day / 40h a week
Preferred Office hours:08:00 - 20:00
Contract duration:Permanent
Possibility of remote work:
No remote work
Delegation involved:0
Krakow, Poland

About Project

Start date:ASAP
Project Industry:gambling industry
office desk

The role is mainly front-end oriented however it would be great if you are open to enhancing your back-end skill as well. The team is cross-functional and contains all the skills necessary to develop and continuously improve parts of the client's live product. To thrive in this role, it is important that you enjoy working in an agile, dynamic environment. You have a can-do mentality and are eager to actively contribute to the work we do by learning and applying the latest technologies to ensure continuous improvement. You are inquisitive and enjoy learning new technologies, techniques, tools or whatever it takes to get things done as efficiently as possible. Your main tasks include, but are not limited to: -Front-end development using Javascript (EcmaScript 6), Typescript, HTML5. Nice to have experience in Java -Working mainly with front-end (openness for a work on the back-end is an additional advantage) -Development of new tools as well as maintenance of existing tools that the team has created. -Build, release and deployment our products using tools such as Maven, Jenkins and, Webpack 2 -“You build it, you run it” – DevOps practices -Knowledge in Continuous Delivery/Integration/Deployment -Build quality in, e.g. through pair programming, code reviews and/or TDD -Working together with UX team and others to continuously evolve our products What you need to succeed: -Master's or Bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent -2+ years of experience, mainly with Javascript (EcmaScript 6), Typescript, HTML5 (nice to have Java) -Nice to have a basic knowledge of React, PixiJs, Test engines (i.e. Mocha / Jest) -Outstanding software craftsmanship -Strong analytical skills and ability to understand complex technical systems -Business mindset and design thinking -Highly proficient in written and spoken English

Other work attributes

Agile Management
Unit Testing
Integration tests
Continuous Integration
live streaming project


A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Native


Corporate training
Private healthcare
Sport subscriptions
Relax room
Good coffee
Free fruits
Mobile phone

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Senior Frontend Developer