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Full-stack Python developer

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B2B contract

100 - 120 PLN

Net per hour

Used Technologies and Requirements

Must have
  • python

Work Conditions

Job type:Full Time Job
Contract Type:B2B
Work hours:8h per day / 40h a week
Preferred Office hours:08:00 - 20:00
Contract duration:Permanent
Possibility of remote work:
Full remote work
Delegation involved:0
Warsaw, Poland

About Project

Start date:ASAP
office desk

Company is a provider of actionable intelligence solutions that monitor, analyze and accelerate ground handling services. Leveraging big data and machine learning, IntellAct provides airlines, airports, and ground handling teams unprecedented real-time visibility into service performance bottlenecks and the ability to address them in a proactive and methodical manner that can yield significant operational improvements and a dramatic reduction in flight delays. Requirements: You have extensive experience writing modern, testable Python code with a team of developers. You have experience with a web framework such as Flask. You are comfortable creating relational database models, and preferably have some experience with SQLALCHEMY+ALEMBIC. You have experience writing code for web APIs and know what HTTP status codes to use. You know when to use POST vs PUT requests and some REST API concepts. Maybe youÔÇÖve even dipped a toe into GraphQL APIs. You know some Linux and arenÔÇÖt afraid to SSH into a server to check out whatÔÇÖs going on at the operating system level. Checking disk usage, running processes, or tailing logs. You can write some Javascript to connect to an API youÔÇÖve worked on. You can follow patterns established by Javascript developers and make changes to React code. Experience with one of the cloud services (GCP, AWS, AZURE). Nice to have: Experience testing code with PyTest Experience with React.js and Node.js GCP Messaging queue CI/CD (Docker, TravisCI, GitHub) Some networking experience, you know what a subnet is Cybersecurity interest or background Experience with data science libraries (Scikit, TensorFlow)


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    Full-stack Python developer

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