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17 days ago

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B2B contract

6 000 - 10 000 PLN

Net per {frequency, select, HOUR{hour} MONTH{month} other{}}

Used Technologies and Requirements

Must have
  • Javascript (2 year EXP)
  • React (1 year EXP)
  • Redux (1 year EXP)
  • ES6/ES7 (1 year EXP)
  • CSS (2 year EXP)
Nice to have
  • TypeScript (0.5 year EXP)
  • NodeJS

Work Conditions

Job type:Full Time Job
Contract Type:Employment / B2B / Contract Agreement / Contract for specific work
Work hours:8h per day / 40h a week
Preferred Office hours:08:00 - 20:00
Contract duration:Permanent
Possibility of remote work:
2 days / month
Delegation involved:0
Złota 59,
Warsaw, Poland

About Project

Start date:ASAP
Project team size:2-5
Project Industry:social, lottery, sport
office desk

1) Mobile solution for aiding excluded areas of South Africa. The digital application enables mapping rural households and providing addresses to their residents. 2) Norwegian digital lottery based on draws of pictures. The draws are linked with photos uploaded by players. When the winning ticket is presented, the winner's own image is displayed. 3) An aggregator of shared mobility services like car sharing, scooters and bikes. The mobile app shows vehicle availability of all transport providers on one convenient map. Users can check distance, models, prices or fuel and easily rent the vehicle which matches the needs best. 4) Mobile app which makes communications, logistics and accounting between divorced parents much easier. Children living in two homes will feel more secure when parents cooperate.

Other work attributes

Agile ManagementTrello, Nifty
Code ReviewsysGitHub, Bitbucket
Continuous IntegrationCirleCI, Bitbucket Pipelines
Coding freedomhigh
Operating SystemMacOS
WorkstationMonitor, notebook


A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Native

Other requirements

Self-organization skills, ability to solve complex problems on their own


Training budget
Language courses
Private healthcare
Integration events
Table Soccer
Bike parking
Good coffee
Free fruits
Free drinks
Free snacks

Frontend Developer

Chimera Prime