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28 days ago

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B2B contract

105 - 135 PLN

Net per {frequency, select, HOUR{hour} MONTH{month} other{}}

Used Technologies and Requirements

Must have
  • Angular (3 year EXP)
  • React (1 year EXP)
  • RxJS (1 year EXP)
  • REST (2 year EXP)
Nice to have
  • Git (2 year EXP)
  • SASS (1 year EXP)
  • Karma (1 year EXP)
  • Webpack (1 year EXP)
  • Redux (1 year EXP)
  • Node.js (1 year EXP)
  • Bitbucket (1 year EXP)
  • Jenkins (1 year EXP)
  • Sonar (1 year EXP)
Client support

Work Conditions

Job type:Full Time Job
Contract Type:Employment / B2B
Work hours:8h per day / 40h a week
Preferred Office hours:08:00 - 20:00
Contract duration:Permanent
Possibility of remote work:
1 day/week
Delegation involved:0
Al. Jerozolimskie ,
Warsaw, Poland

About Project

Start date:01/2020
Project Industry:Travel/ Airlines
office desk

We're building a new team that will develop new open-source booking platform. We will provide the team with 3-month-long training near Nice in France. Development of new open-source Digital platform allowing travel customers to create and manage their digital commerce, check-in and disruption experiences across web, mobile and messaging touchpoints Working closely with customer to deliver bespoke components to build customized solutions. Your daily tasks on the job: -Development of new open-source Digital platform; -Working closely with customer to deliver bespoke solutions; -Writing unit tests for every piece of software; -All technologies are open source and you can contribute to marketplace; -Working in Scrum/ Agile environment; -Communicating with internal and external stakeholders to solve problems; -Tech stack: Angular 7/8, Rxjs, ngrx, node.js, SASS, openApi, Karma, Jasmine, Bitbucket, Jenkins;

Other work attributes

Agile ManagementScrum, Kanban
Code ReviewsysBitbucket
Unit TestingJira
Integration testsYes
Continuous IntegrationJenkins
Operating SystemWindows
WorkstationNotebook + 2 monitors


A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Native


Corporate training
Training budget
Private healthcare
Integration events
Bike parking
Good coffee

Frontend Developer